Cohiba Cigars

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a good cigar and there is no doubt amongst true enthusiasts that Cohiba cigars are one the finest available. The Word, “Cohiba,” simply put, is the Taino translation for, “tobacco.” Cohibo is known for two unique types of fine cigars and each have a rich history within their respective cultures. These two varieties are separately created in Cuba and the Dominican Republic and are sold through Habanos S.A. and General Cigar Company. The Cuban variety is unique in that the tobacco used has been specially processed through extra fermentation. Cuban Cohiba cigars have been available commercially since 1982 and are considered to be of great quality amongst cuban cigar enthusiasts.

Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars

Cuban Cohiba cigars can be traced back to the 1960’s when Fidel Castro approached one of his bodyguards to inquire about a cigar he had seen the man smoking. The bodyguard explained to Castro that the Cigar was made by a local friend of his by the name of Eduardo Ribera. Castro was so impressed by the quality of the cigar that he insisted that they speak to Mr. Ribera to discover how it was made. Taking this information that Ribera shared with him, Castro set up a special factory to have them produced under close supervision.

In 1968, Cuban Cohiba cigars first made an appearance, however, production numbers were kept relatively small at first. In these early days, the cigars were primarily for private use amongst government officials. It wasn’t until 1982, when in conjunction with the World Cup in Spain, Cuban Cohiba cigars were released into new markets.

Habanos S.A. launched a commemorative release in 1992 celebrating Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas. Each size was given a name representing a century since Columbus’ discovery. Besides a steady and consistent production, Habanos S.A. also produces a number of special releases throughout the year.

Make sure you are storing your Cohiba cigars in a cigar humidor to keep fresh. Always remember to use a good, quality cigar cutter to ensure that you are getting a clean cut cigar.

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